The concept behind the Cub was to produce a strong, well designed, well built, all metal car, unbeatable as an open top summer vehicle but designed so that either a soft top or a detachable hard top could easily be fitted, making the Cub into an all year round utility vehicle.


Unlike modern mass produced vehicles, the Cub is based on an immensely strong box section chassis. On to the chassis are welded the galvanised steel panels. These panels are totally unstressed. Over the years we have tested the Cub under every kind of load it was likely to carry and have put it through the toughest cross country conditions. If you gave most cars the treatment that we’ve given the Cub, they’d probably fall apart !


Safety is of paramount importance in any vehicle, which is why the Cub is manufactured in steel rather than GRP. The only panel where GRP is used is the bonnet and this is to keep weight down and avoid expensive press tooling costs. The full length chassis affords all-round protection with added strength in the form of a roll bar to cope with side impact collisions. The front and rear crash bars provide progressive collapse protection and strong cross-bracing within the dash prevents foot-well deformation in the event of a frontal impact. The passenger side sill (on right hand drive vehicles) houses the specially designed fuel tank which is protected by four strong box section chassis members.
The glass used in the construction of the Cub is IVA compliant and both the front and rear seat belt mountings have been tested to full EEC and American Federal specifications.


The road holding capabilities of the Cub are outstanding. By designing the Cub to run on 12 or 13 inch wheels, the amount of tyre / road contact coupled with a very low centre of gravity produce handling characteristics superior even to those of the Mini. It has to be said that the steering is heavier than on a standard Mini running 10 inch wheels but this is more than compensated by the fact that the Cub will out corner almost any other car on the road. Roundabouts are a speciality !


Special attention has been paid to the need for a secure storage compartment. At the rear of the car, behind where rear seats can be fitted, is a lockable boot which houses the battery with extra space for the storage of tools, jack, wheel brace and other compact items. Another important practical consideration is the need for suitable weather equipment to enable the Cub to be used all year round. The soft top has been designed so that fitting and removal is both quick and simple. The front of the hood is attached to a fibreglass head rail. This simply drops over the top of the windscreen and is held in place by strong toggle straps. The hard top is made from GRP with a toughened glass rear window and soft sides similar to those fitted to the soft top.

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August 2012

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