Sales & Pricing : Buy an AMC Cub

The AMC Cub is available in three different options

  • Kit unit for self assembly using donor vehicle or bought in parts.
    Details of the contents of the kit package are listed in the Supplied Parts List A below.
    If you are building a Cub from our kit you will need to find the Mini parts listed below in section B.
  • PKD unit. Part Knocked Down.
    AMC will supply all the parts that are required including the parts listed in section B plus all other nuts, bolts, and brackets. All you have to do is have the body shell painted (unless you order this to be done for you by AMC ) and then assemble the Cub using the parts supplied.
  • Complete ready to drive AMC Cub.
    Place your order and sit back and relax. Your Cub will be built, IVA tested, registered in your name as first owner with a new up to date registration number and taxed for 6 months. Just sort out your insurance and you’re on the road. And there’s no MOT for three years. It’s a new car !

DownLoad the AMC Cub Order Form and Pricing Guide