Kit Car Parts and Options

The AMC Cub is available in three  different options

  • Kit unit for self assembly using donor vehicle or bought in parts.
    Details of the contents of the kit package are listed in the Supplied Parts List A below.
    If you are building a Cub from our kit you will need to find the Mini parts listed below in List  B.
  • PKD unit. Part Knocked Down.
    AMC will supply all the parts that are required including the parts listed in section B plus all other nuts, bolts, and brackets. All you have to do is have the body shell painted (unless you order this to be done for you by AMC ) and then assemble the Cub using the parts supplied.
  • Complete ready to drive AMC Cub.
    Place your order and sit back and relax. Your Cub will be built, IVA tested, registered in your name as first owner with a new up to date registration number and taxed for 6 months. Just sort out your insurance and you’re on the road. And there’s no MOT for three years. It’s a new car !

DownLoad the AMC Cub Order Form and Pricing Guide

List A  :  AMC Cub Kit Car Supplied Parts

Kit Part Notes
Complete Body Shell The Cub body shell is based on a very strong steel space frame chassis. Galvanised steel panels are fitted to this chassis and as an optional extra the body shell can be supplied under sealed and painted.
Bonnet Top With Hinges x2 The bonnet top is the only body panel made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). It is supplied with black powder coated hinges.
Front Panel The front panel is made from galvanised steel.
Grill The grill is steel and supplied powder coated in a chrome effect silver.
Sill Tops x2 The sill tops are made from galvanised steel.
Fuel Tank The fuel tank is steel and holds approximately 30 litres of fuel.
Dash Panels The dash panels are made from galvanised steel.
Windscreen With Iva Spec Glass The windscreen frame is aluminium and the windscreen is IVA compliant, laminated glass.
Windscreen Side Frames With Iva Spec Glass x2 Windscreen side frames are steel and the side frame glass is IVA compliant, toughened glass.
Engine Bay Inner Panels x2 Engine bay inner panels are galvanised steel.
Boot And Lid Panels With Al. Channels Boot and lid panels are galvanised steel. The lid panels slide within aluminium channels.
Ply Floor Panels x2 The floor panels are ply-wood.
Front Seat Frame The front seat frame is steel box section which bolts directly to the chassis.
Roll Bar With Iva Spec Seat Belt Mounts The roll bar is made from heavy wall steel tube. The seat belt mountings are IVA compliant, having been tested along with the chassis to ECE reg. 14.02
Front Bump Bar Front crash bars are made from heavy wall steel tube.
Rear Bump Bar Rear crash bars are made from heavy wall steel tube.
Spare Wheel Support Bracket Spare wheel support bracket is made from 5mm steel plate.
Gearbox Guard Plate And Frame Gear box guard plate and frame are steel plate and steel box section.
Suspension Strut Set x4 The suspension struts are manufactured by AMC and allow for adjustable ride height.
Mud Flaps x2
Wheel Arch Extensions x4 Wheel arch extensions are IVA compliant and supplied black powder coated steel.
Spare Wheel Cover And Pad The spare wheel cover and pad are made from black vinyl and are IVA compliant.
Extended Rear Swinging Arms(On Exchange). The rear suspension swinging arms need to be extended by AMC.
Altered And Extended Steering Column (On Exchange) The standard mini steering column needs to be altered by AMC.
Altered Hand Brake Lever (On Exchange)
Full Set Of Brackets, Clamps, Studs, Bolts, Nuts, Spacers and Washers.
Vin Plate And Brake Fluid Warning Plate. VIN plate and brake fluid warning plates are IVA compliant.

Optional Kit Parts

Painted And Undersealed (Full Range Of Colours) The Body Shell can be supplied painted and oven baked in a full range of colours.The shell is seam sealed and under-coated after painting.
Main Assembly Parts Powder Coated Main assembly parts that bolt to the body shell can be powder coated.This option is available on request in black, white,or a range of other colours. These include Roll Bar, Front and Rear Crash Bars, Windscreen support frames, Gearbox guard plate and frame, Seat frame and spare wheel support bracket.
Soft Top With GRP Head Rail and Tension Straps.
Soft Top Side Screens x4 With Tenax type fasteners.
GRP Hard Top (available soon) With fitted Rear Window in Toughened Glass.
Hard Top Soft Sided Panels (x4) and GRP Centre Panels (x2) Available soon.

Options For Pkd And Complete Vehicles

Soft Top With GRP Head Rail and Tension Straps.
Soft Top Side Screens x4 With Tenax type fasteners.
GRP Hard Top (available soon) With fitted Rear Window in Toughened Glass.
Hard Top Soft Sided Panels (x4) and GRP Centre Panels (x2) Available soon.
Metalic Paint System
Rear Seats x2
Rear Seat Belts x2
Alloy Wheels x5
Various Sound Systems

The following list details the parts which are  supplied with the PKD  option  but not with the basic kit option

List B :  Mini Parts used in AMC Cub

Part Notes
Engine / Gearbox unit complete. Any ‘A’ series or ‘A+’ unit. AMC recommend a 1300cc unit
Gear change assembly. Rod type.
Radiator unit
Front sub-frame complete. Dry cone type. Disc brakes. Shock absorbers.
Rear suspension radius arms (for exchange) Dry cones. Shock absorbers.
Pedal assembly with brake and clutch master cylinders.
Hand brake lever assembly.
Wiring harness.
Heater unit and ducts to windscreen.
Battery and battery leads.
Wiper assembly and windscreen washer unit.
Horn / fuse box.
Seat belts. Two or Four.
Headlamps and chrome bezels. (other lights required are supplied in the kit package).

You don’t need the rear sub frame. You also don’t need Mini seats, interior trim, any body shell parts. You definitely don’t need to know how to weld or even use fibreglass. The kit and the PKD unit have all the required holes pre-drilled and all brackets are made and supplied by AMC.

New brake pipes and hoses. ( New brake parts must always be used ).
Exhaust system.
Seats (We recommend Cobra ).
Wheels and tyres.

TOOLS REQUIRED for kit or pkd option.
A range of general car maintenance tools are all that should be required, plus a lifting jack and a pair of axle stands. An engine hoist is not essential as the front of the Cub shell can be lifted and lowered onto the engine / sub frame with the aide of some helpers.

As detailed previously, we recommend the 1300cc unit. This can come from various donors including the Mini 1275. Metro 1300. MG metro. In all cases, for IVA, the age of the engine needs to be proved either by engine number which can be checked or by a log book or V5 from the car that was originally fitted with the engine.


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